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Brute-Force Attack

Article by Hasan Ali | Last modified on 12th of April, 2018

What is brute force attack and how it can be used to hack facebook?

Brute Force attack for hacking facebook

Brute force attack is a form of facebook password retriving method or any password for that matter which tries various combinations and tries to guess the password. This is the most basic hacking method in advanced facebook hacking. It involves a simple bot which can send hundreds and thousands of queries per second or even more fast. And starts at a specified combination of numbers and characters. It then periodically increases the number until it correctly guesses the password.

It can be explained by taking a combination lock for example. Suppose the correct combination is 326. You can start with 000 and continue to increase the combination number by 1 and retrying to unlock. After 326 tries, the combination lock will unlock. This is the basic concept behind a simple brute force attack. Of course a more advanced brute force attack is highly complex set of algorithms which can even more efficiently break into a lock.

The time duration can be variable. If the facebook password of the victim is small, an efficient bot will take 1 - 2 hours to break into. But with a more complex password, timing can drastically increase. Even upto a point where it may take years to hack open a facebook account.

How to crack a facebook account

How efficient is a brute force attack for hacking a facebook account?

Simple answer? Not very efficient. With the advancements in software security, brute force attack has almost vanished from hacking community. There are two main reasons behind this.

  1. Captcha based protection - A simple captcha based protection is sufficient to drastically decrease the speed of a brute force attack. Furthermore the technologies to defeat captchas are fairly costly and not very efficient. This is the main reasons the brute force attack incidence has decreased to almost zero. However there are still some loop holes in facebook security system through which brute force can be used to some extent to hack facebook account. Other than this, brute force is not very efficient.
    Facebook Captcha
  2. Websites recommendation of using long and complex password - If you have even been annoyed by websites asking you to make a complex password with upper and lower characters, numbers and symbols, the main reason is to defeat brute force. The duration of brute force can be increased from hours to years by adding just a few characters and changing the case of random characters.

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